07 June 2009


Tribute to Sant Rama Nand Maharaj Ji


Followers pay last respects to Rama Nand


Body of Slain Dera leader lands in New Delhi


Sant Ramanand's body arrives in Jalandhar




02 June 2009


Murdered guru is laid out in Vienna

By Thomas Hochwarter

AufzählungCeremony for guru Sant Rama Anand at the Zentralfriedhof.
AufzählungMotiv of attackers still unclear to police.

Vienna. The Sikh guru who was killed in a shooting at a temple in

Vienna will be laid out today. Guru Sant Rama Anand died aged 57

a few hours after the attack from gun shots to his chest and back.

His body will be laid out at the Zentralfriedhof cemetery

 from 4pm. City officials said they

 had responded to the wish of the Sikh Ravi Dass sect in doing so.

Safety precautions

Austrian and Indian authorities are currently negotiating safety

 measures for the mourning procedure, according to Vienna police

 spokesman Michael Takacs. Takacs said the autopsy was finished but

 details regarding the transport of the body to the Indian province

 of Punjab were yet to be clarified. Indian media report that the

 guru could already be buried this Thursday.

Parkash Singh Badal, head of the provincial government,

said there will be an official funeral ceremony for Sant Rama Anand.


Medics at the Hanusch hospital meanwhile said the condition

 of injured Sant Niranjan Dass is improving. The 68-year-old guru could be

 released and capable of travelling to India at the end of this week.

Around 15 people had been injured, most of them believers who

 attended the Mass in the temple in Vienna’s Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus district,

 when six people attacked the two gurus and people in the crowd.

 It is however still not been clarified what the motives of the attackers were.

 Austrian police expressed their doubts about the validity of an e-mail which

 was sent to a London radio station last week in which a group

called Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF) took responsibility for the attacks.

 Instead, police assume that the attacks were sparked by rivalry between different

 sects within the Austrian Sikh movement. "Professional terrorists do not turn up with a rusty,

 old 9mm gun,” one investigator was quoted, referring to the seized weapons.

Those included, apart from the gun, a few knives and a pan which was

presumably used by panicking believers to hit the attackers.


300 forensic clues


Some 300 traces were secured at the temple in Pelzgasse,

meaning it could take months before first results of investigations will be announced.

Viennese police have come under fire in connection with the incident for allegedly being

 understaffed on weekends. And the attack in the temple near Westbahnhof was

ammunition enough for Austria’s right-wing parties.

FPÖ boss Heinz-Christian Strache claimed the SPÖ Vienna’s

 "policy of open doors” would "lead into chaos and multicultural crime."

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02 June 2009


Chartered plane to bring home Sant Ramanand’s remains


The Punjab Government on Sunday decided to send a chartered plane from

New Delhi to Vienna on June 2 to bring back the body

of Sant Ramanand Maharaj from Austria.Principal secretary

to Chief Minister Darbara Singh Guru would also be leaving for

Vienna to accompany the body.

Sant Baba Niranjan Dass, who was seriously injured

during the attack at a holy place in Vienna on May 24,

 would also be returning to India on June 4 by the same flight.

Sant Niranjan Dass and Guru would then fly alongwith the

body by a chartered helicopter from New Delhi to

Dera Sachkhand Ballan in Jalandhar district.

Harcharan Bains, media advisor to Chief Minister, Punjab,

said that all arrangements for bringing the body to Delhi would be made

 by the Punjab Government.In a statement here,

the Chief Minister, Prakash Singh Badal said that the

Government was aware that some elements were trying to

create social tension by floating wild rumours and whipping up

 communal passions and that the people should join hands to defeat these forces.



Khalistan Zindabad Force claims responsibility for attack on Sikh place of worship in Vienna


According to information posted on the London-based

Akash Radio Website, the Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF)

has claimed responsibility for the May 24 attacks on a Gurdwara

(Sikh place of worship) in Vienna, reports The Hindu.

The Website claimed that it had received an e-mail,

written on the KZF’s letterhead, was signed by one

Ranjit Singh. The KZF is said to have said the incident

occurred because “these people did not heed to the warnings

that they should not disrespect Guru Granth Sahibji by

sitting parallel to Sri Guru Granth Sahibji letting people bow

before them in the Guru Sahib’s presence and committing

various unacceptable anti-maryada (Sikh code of conduct) acts.

As they continued to commit such sins, the KZF was forced to take this action.”


Meanwhile, another outlawed militant outfit, the Babbar Khalsa International (BKI),

which also figures on the U.S. list of terrorist organisations, has condemned the

killing of Sant Rama Nand in Vienna. Akash Radio claimed that the

BKI chief Wadhawa Singh Babbar said in an e-mail that the entire

Sikh Panth regretted the attack on Sant Niranjan Das and Sant Rama Nand.

The e-mail said: “Everyone knows that this attack was not done by the Sikh Panth.

Indian agencies are behind this attack and they are trying to split the

Ravidasiya community from the Sikh Panth. The Khalsa Panth will

continue to cherish this relationship formed since the times of Guru Nanak Devji

The Khalsa Panth requests the Ravidasiya community to maintain peace.

The Khalsa Panth will always stand by the Ravidasiya community

and will not let the Indian agencies succeed in their mal-intensions.”








26th May 2009

“Mr Badal has offered to hold a ceremonial

state funeral for Mr Ramanand,

who died in a Vienna hospital on Monday morning.

The chief minister also confirmed that the

Indian government would arrange to fly his body back to Punjab.”



25th May 2009
With deepest regret

we are informing you of the demise of

Guru Sant Rama Anand ji

of Dera Sach Khand Ballan in Vienna

Guru Sant Nirajnan Das ji, who is in serious but stable condition.